With offices and workplaces open for business once again, we can’t wait to welcome you back through the doors at our two award-winning Liverpool Thai restaurants for lunch.
As life begins to get back to normal, we can, once again, serve you our delicious dishes from our fantastic range of Southeast Asian cuisine.

That means, whether it’s a shopping trip into town or a bite to eat on your lunch break, you can experience our deliciously tasty small plates.
Ideal for sharing or simply trying a variety of different dishes, our small plates offer a genuine taste of Asia with all the fantastic flavours you’d expect from one of the most exciting culinary cultures on the planet.

We believe that variety really is the spice of life and there is plenty to be found as we use ingredients and cooking styles that will whisk you from Liverpool to South East Asia in just one mouthful.

So whether you’re joining us for a lazy brunch or a working lunch in Liverpool, we’ve picked-out just some of our small plates that are bound to tantalise your taste buds this summer.


Char Sui Fan

Originating from China, this is a highly-regarded and specifically-cooked Cantonese cuisine that really hits the spot and differs greatly from many other cuisines that you would find.

Our particular serving of Char Sui Fan is true to its origins, coming in the form of Chinese barbecue honey pork alongside Bak Choi and rice.

When you are enjoying our Southeast Asian cuisines, ideally you want to feel like you are right there in the home countries that these foods were first concocted, and this is a feeling that you will definitely experience when enjoying Char Sui Fan.


Nasi Lemak

This is a Malaysian cuisine included amongst our small plate offerings and brings together several tasty treats.

Ingredients include: boiled egg, a cucumber, crispy anchovies, roasted peanuts, lamb curry and sambal sauce.

Served with coconut rice, it is wrapped in a banana leaf to add that extra international flavour to a cuisine that packs a lot of ingredients into a small package.

If you wish to sample a Southeast Asian cuisine, Nasi Lemak is a great starting point.


Bak Choi

This is one of our more unique lunch dishes, not least because it too is a gluten-free offering, but one that would also be suitable for vegan customers too.

A steamed Bak Choi offering that comes equipped with garlic and minced dried shrimps, it is suitable for anyone who has a particular dietary requirements, while still remaining exceptional to taste.

If you want a quick bite that boosts how you feel as well as offering a splendid flavour, few options are better than Bak Choi.


3 Small Asian Tapas Plates


Our Food

Here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, we serve-up what we believe is the best Thai food in the city.

We specialise in offering the finest dishes from the Southeast of Asia, and as part of this, we provide cuisines that are of the highest quality, and cuisines that you will not find anywhere else in Liverpool.

As a result we are proud to provide Thai food that is of the highest quality that you will not find anywhere else in Liverpool.


Our Locations

Tiger Rock on North John Street is just around the corner from the Liverpool One shopping district and within walking distance of all the city’s many tourist attractions – including the world famous Mathew Street.

For those living a little further out, we have our establishment on Smithdown Road, which is perfect for the large student population in that part of the city.


Try Our Takeaway Service

One of the most popular Asian takeaway services in Liverpool, we try our best to recreate the feel and flavours of our exciting city centre eateries in your own home.

We are also very active on our numerous social media channels, allowing you to keep in touch via the likes of Instagram and Facebook to hear about special offers and new menu additions.

So check out our full range of Southeast Asian cuisines here at Tiger Rock Liverpool by visiting our website or call 0151 363 6650 to order a takeaway from either Smithdown Road or North John St.