Tiger Rock Liverpool brings the very best Southeast Asian meals to the UK’s most vibrant and culturally-diverse city, Liverpool. We have two major restaurant branches: one in North John Street at the heart of the Liverpool One shopping district, and one on Smithdown Road where there is a large student residential population, many of whom are internationals that have come to sample life in Liverpool. Both of our locations are designed to deliver cuisines that embody the heritages and backgrounds from which they originated.


At the centre of this is our range of Chinese food menus. China is the largest country in the Asian continent, and it is amongst the most populated nations on the planet. This means a far greater range of potential food dishes, and this has continued to evolve and grow over time. The upshot is that there have never been more incredible Chinese food dishes to enjoy, and these have been brought into British culture courtesy of Tiger Rock, where they will continue to garner new supporters.

There are so many Chinese restaurants around the city that it is key to our core values that we offer Chinese food that is not only of the highest quality when it comes to taste and texture, but which also most closely resembles the meals that are served back in Beijing and beyond. Liverpool as a city has a very large Chinese community, and we aim to satisfy them at all times by allowing them to enjoy part of what makes their homeland stand out through these exquisite dishes that are served with the distinctiveness and rich ingredients that our customers demand.


We have got a whole host of superb Chinese food options at Tiger Rock. They include Bak Choi, which is a steamed dish that comes with both garlic and dried shrimps that are minced for this particular serving; Siu Pai Qat, which consists of barbecued ribs with a particularly Chinese approach to their composition; Char Sui Fan, which is a barbecue honey pork that also includes the aforementioned Bak Choi as well as rice on the side. There are many other foods to consider, given the strong presence of Chinese food both at Tiger Rock and within the local community of Liverpool as a whole.

Simply put, Tiger Rock is the ideal destination for Chinese food lovers everywhere. If you live locally and you want to find a Chinese restaurant nearby that provides you with the very best food to honour the Chinese culture, Tiger Rock is the place to be, because we not only pay tribute to the Chinese food heritage, but we also follow trends and we evolve as our customers’ wishes change, thus making us a central point for the Chinese food traditions of both the past and also the near future.

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