Tiger Rock Liverpool provide the absolute best in Asian food dishes that accurately reflects the most significant, popular and authentic delicacies in their respective areas. Whether our customers come along to the Smithdown Road branch or wish to be more central by heading to our North John Street restaurant, we will always offer Southeast Asian output for everyone to indulge in as they taste a small part of life within those cultures.


Vietnam is at the centre of the fine Asian dishes that we deliver. It is one of the most recognisable areas within that continent, especially when it comes to tasty treats that are true to the location’s original roots. Vietnamese foods manage to find a unique balance between being salty, hot, bitter, sweet and sour, making for some truly exquisite and unique foods to sample. In particular, Vietnamese food incorporates one of five different elements that are not only very appetising, but also allow the person eating the food to quickly recognise where it has come from, such is its distinctness amongst other dishes.

These elements consist of wood, fire, metal, water and earth. To explain, each of these has a way to filter down the wide variety of food options when it comes to the likes of spices, organs, colours, senses and nutrients, with some being high in protein and others being more about the fat. They are all very diverse, and yet they are all rather similar in leaving a lasting impression on the eater. Here at Tiger Rock, we are very pleased to offer a strong line-up of Vietnamese foods for those wishing to experience this for themselves.


Amongst those are Goi Cuon, which is a home-bred concoction of fresh rice paper summer rolls that contain both prawns and salad; Cha Gio, which consists of traditional crispy minced pork-flavoured spring rolls; and Tofu Sumbat, which is essentially a stuffed tofu that comes with a cucumber, a beansprout, leek and also chili tamarind sauce. There are other Vietnamese options that you will find on our various menus too.

Vietnamese food is always a firm favourite here at Tiger Rock, and it not only comes highly recommended but it always receives high praise in the aftermath of a meal by our customers. We encourage anybody who wishes to come to Tiger Rock for the first time to sample our Vietnamese dishes, as we’re sure that its delicate tastes will pack a real punch for you too!

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