At its core, Tiger Rock Liverpool serves to provide local residents who live nearby our Smithdown Road and North John Street restaurants with the very best in Southeast Asian food. This can comprise of many elements, ingredients and backgrounds, but they all bring a small part of life in the Asian continent over to the United Kingdom, both for those who have travelled to such destinations and for those who haven’t but who wish to enjoy their food nonetheless.


Malaysia comprises a large proportion of the Southeast Asian corner of the world. It is heavily-populated, and as a result, this has led to an influx of truly special dishes that are unique to this area, but with a twist. Not only are the ingredients of an incredibly high priority when it comes to getting the exact required taste of the meals spot-on and authentic to the heritage of the country, but it also incorporates strong elements of other major cultures due to large migration in previous centuries, meaning that Malaysian food can bring an unusual yet highly enjoyable blend of Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian cuisines.

The traits most associated with Malaysian food are its high use of spices to leave a major lasting impression on the person eating it; the strong texture and flavour to ensure that each dish stands out as intended; and the general variety of each dish, which allows every option to be distinctive from one another. We mentioned how ingredients are key, but it is also often the case that these elements are slightly tweaked to allow for different tasting experiences, something that we can provide upon request here at Tiger Rock Liverpool.


This of course means that we have a plethora of world-class Malaysian treats for our customers to enjoy at Tiger Rock. They include Nasi Lemak, which brings together a combination of coconut rice, crispy anchovies, a boiled egg, a roasted peanut and sambal sauce all served in a banana leaf; Nasi Goreng, a well-established form of chicken fried rice that comes with prawn crackers and a fried egg; and also chicken and beef satays, which are amongst the most adopted Malaysian dishes in British culture.

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