Tiger Rock Liverpool covers Southeast Asian dishes from across the continent, bringing these well-known and culturally-iconic meals to the United Kingdom at both our Smithdown Road and North John Street branches. Our menus cover a wide range of countries and foods, and one of the most notable that we deliver is Singaporean food, ideal for anyone living nearby who wishes to join us at one of our restaurants to enjoy it for themselves.


Singaporean food stems from one of the more highly-populated countries of the Asian continent, though it stand out in having a large percentage of internationals who have come from Britain, the rest of Europe, America and so on. This has allowed Singaporean dishes to evolve over time, because not only do they include ingredients and cooking methods that are distinct to the Singaporean heritage, but they have also been enhanced with some added international flavour from those who have travelled over to the country over the years.

In Singapore, food has a strong place within the local culture, so much so that it has been said that eating is a national pastime and food itself is a national obsession within the country. As you might imagine, then, all of this results in some high-quality cuisines being curated and offered across villages and towns, and ultimately across the border, where the likes of Tiger Rock are allowing food-lovers the world over to sample these superb dishes.


Amongst the Singaporean food options that we have on offer for customers here at Tiger Rock Liverpool are Laksa Mee, which is a chicken coconut curry noodle soup that contains such added components as fish sauce; Nasi Goreng, which is very popular as being both a vegan and gluten free option which consists of a chicken fried rice with a fired egg and prawn crackers on the side; and also Goreng Pisang, which is essentially a combination of fried bananas that are rolled into flour and thus eaten as a casual snack.

These are only some of the plethora of first-class Singaporean food offerings that we deliver from our two Liverpool bases. Those who have been to Singapore in the past will love to enjoy these delicacies once again, but for those who have never been able to enjoy them, this is the perfect location to try them, and we are confident that you will find them to be very fulfilling and succulent.

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