Tiger Rock Liverpool is the place to come for all of your Southeast Asian dishes. We are centrally located by Liverpool One shopping district on North John Street, as well as having a branch right in the heart of Liverpool’s student population on Smithdown Road. As such, we have got a highly-diverse range of customers, both locally and from international countries, who come to visit us and to sample our top-quality food. Our aim is to bring first-class Southeast Asian food culture to the people of Liverpool at all times.


Our Thai food options are crucial to this. Thailand is one of the largest Asian countries, and it has influenced a huge number of famous global dishes, with many originating from Thailand itself. Thai cuisines are generally defined by one of five distinct classifications, with each being linked to a particular region of the country: Bangkok; Central; Isan; Northern; and Southern. All five have their own specific traits and ingredients, but each of them can deliver a strong sample of Thai culture in edible form.

Thai food is as popular abroad as it is within the country itself. Thai cuisines have garnered a strong following across the world, and here in the United Kingdom, where we embrace and integrate aspects of international culture into our everyday lives, it was inevitable that Thai food would receive the same positive treatment. Today, there are plenty of residents – consisting both of those who have always grown up here and those who have migrated over time – that have incorporated Thai food into their everyday diets, which is why we are delighted to offer a wide range of excellent Thai cuisines here at Tiger Rock.


Amongst them are, of course, Pad Thai, which is a vintage street food from Thailand that consists of stir fried chicken noodles (this is also suitable for those with vegan and gluten free dietary requirements); Tom Yam Gai, which is described as a hot and sour chicken soup delicacy; Geng Know Wan Gai, a chicken green curry that is also vegan and gluten free-friendly; Yam Neur, which is a beef salad that pays homage to its rich Thai heritage; and also Som Tam, which is a papaya and carrot salad that comes with fresh chilli, peanuts and fish sauce on the side.

There are many other Thai options on our menus as well for you to consider, and we encourage you to check them out. Thai food forms the backbone and also lies at the heart of what we offer for our customers here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, as we strive to bring Southeast Asian culture to the city for our visitors to eat. We hope you will try our Thai food soon, and we hope you enjoy this small part of Thai culture!

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