Tiger Rock Liverpool are leading the way when it comes to providing the very best in Southeast Asian food, and this covers all sorts of dietary requirements and preferences. Amongst these include our vast selection of gluten free foods for our Liverpool customers.


Gluten free foods exclude the protein gluten from any of the ingredients used to put together a particular dish. It is generally associated with those who may have an allergy to eating gluten or who may have a medical condition that prevents them from eating it, such as celiac disease. However, gluten free options have become increasingly popular amongst customers who do not have allergies or illnesses and simply wish to enjoy healthier foods, because regularly eating gluten free food can help with one’s general health, motivation, energy and weight.

We offer a wide range of gluten free dishes from our two Liverpool branches. Only a small number of restaurants near where our customers reside in Liverpool provide true gluten free meals, and fewer still make gluten free produce a part of their identity. That is not the case here at Tiger Rock, however: we pride ourselves on being a standard bearer for gluten free meals here in Liverpool, and they cover all sorts of options.


When it comes to our light lunches, our gluten free foods include Bak Choi; Zheng Yu; Nasi Rendang; Satay Kambing; and Nasi Lemak. Our gluten free small dishes include Satay Ayam; Enogimaki; Goi Cuon; Hor Mok Pla; Pla Meuk Gatiam; Beenk Hoi Then; Sambal Ikan; Tord Man Pla; Wasabi Suteki; and Kra Pu Ped. These are all excellent gluten free Chinese dishes near where you live from our two central restaurants.

For side bowls, we have such gluten free meals as Nasi Goreng; Pad Thai; Geng Know Wan Gai; and Rendang Kentang, while for salad dishes of this nature, we have Yam Neur; Yam Bhet; Panang Het; Rojak Kacang; Som Tam; and Tofu Sumbat. There are also smaller gluten free side dishes including Kow Neow; Nasi Putih; Pad Mee; Kelapa Ketangmanis; and Kimchi, and we even have gluten free desserts, amongst them Mango Sticky Rice Pudding.

These represent our main gluten free options across the entire menu at both our Smithdown Road and North John Street branches, but we also have other gluten free meals on request. Indeed, Tiger Rock are the ideal gluten free option in Liverpool, and we look forward to meeting our customers who live in the city and who wish to enjoy the very best in gluten free food!

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