Tiger Rock Liverpool accommodate all customer needs when it comes to dietary requirements, as our menu is packed with options that are able to satisfy all who visit our two central branches. One of those concerns our range of vegan food meals.


Vegan foods do not include any ingredients that are derived from animals whatsoever. Vegan dishes also do not include the likes of meat, eggs or dairy. It is a particularly strong vegetarian diet that proves to be healthier and friendlier to animals and plants. Veganism has become more and more prominent in recent times, partly due to increased news coverage of certain food outlets which have either brought in vegan dishes or have failed to do so in line with the growing momentum of veganism as a whole in society.

Fortunately, we are delighted to be able to bring you the very best in high-quality, thoroughly delicious and truly fulfilling vegan meals from both of our branches on Smithdown Road and North John Street. Liverpool is such a diverse, multicultural city that it should always be serving everybody’s different food and drink needs, which is why Tiger Rock are an ideal example of a fantastic restaurant that caters to everybody’s requirements, veganism being one of them.


If we take a closer look at what our menus provide for our vegan customers, amongst the light lunches we have Bak Choi; Terung Bhaji; and Nasi Lemak. As for our small dishes, the vegan meals on offer for Liverpool customers include the likes of Po Pia Bhet; Goi Cuon; and Pak Tempura. Bear in mind that our vegan range is always increasing, especially when it comes to our lunch and main menus, so while these are our leading vegan options and the first that come to mind for our vegan customers, there will always be additional dishes to explore.

Not least because we also have our range of side bowls. Nasi Goreng; Pad Thai; Gon Chau Udon; and Geng Know Wan Gai comprise our variety of vegan meals in this department, whilst for vegan salad dishes, you can choose from Yam Mamuang; Panang Het; Rojak Kacang; Terung Bhaji; Som Tam; and Tofu Sumbat. Rounding things off are our vegan side dishes of Kow Neow; Nasi Putih; Pad Mee; Kelapa Kentangmanis; and Kimchi, as well as our vegan desserts of Mango Sticky Rice Pudding and Apple Spring Rolls and Ice Cream.

As you can see, then, there are so many potential choices for vegans. Nevertheless, as we mention, our vegan range is always increasing, and we will always be able to cover any requests for any vegan dishes not mentioned here. In the meantime, however, the evidence is clear that Tiger Rock Liverpool are the go-to place for any local vegan customers who wish to enjoy excellent food to meet their dietary needs.

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