With Fathers’ Day on the horizon, it’s time to start looking for a way to show Dad just how much you love him, and what better way to do it than treating him to a meal at Tiger Rock?

Our Award-winning restaurants offer a wide range of South-east Asian hawker foods, as well as offering a delicious array of vegan and gluten free options.

Our range of small bowls, plates, and salads mean there is something here for the whole family to try, as well as there being a wide selection of beers for dad to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a fathers’ day restaurant in Liverpool and like what you’ve read so far, read on: here’s what’s on offer this year at Tiger Rock.



Small Plates, Salads, and Greens

Our small plates and bowls menus allow you to choose from Malaysian, Cantonese, and Thai dishes, as well as dishes from China and Singapore.

Our Satay Ayam and Satay Lembu plates are skewers of barbequed chicken and steak, both of which come as gluten free options.

Our chilli and garlic crispy squid, Pla Meuk Gatiam, likewise comes as a gluten free option, as does our Enogimaki, a dish consisting of thinly sliced grilled steak, wrapped around enogi mushrooms.

If, however, you’re looking for a vegan restaurant in Liverpool, don’t be fooled by the meaty options above. At Tiger Rock, classic dishes such as Po Pia Bhet, Goi Cuon, and Pak Tempura are available as vegan dishes too.

Not only that, but if Dad is looking for lighter, healthier options when he eats out this year, then our salads and greens menu is sure to satisfy his appetite.

Our Yam Mamuang salad consists of fresh mango, onion, and peppers in a tangy dressing, and comes as a vegan option.

Other salads, such as Yam Bhet, Tofu Sumbat, and Som Tam, all come as gluten free options, with Som Tam coming as a vegan option too.

Why not check out our menu today to see what else is in store?



Small Bowls, Deserts, and Sides

Much like our small plates and salads, our small bowls menu offers a range of dishes that come as both gluten free and vegan options.

Classics such as Pad Thai, Char Sui Fan, and Lo Mai Fan are just a handful of what our small bowls menu has to offer, meaning there’s plenty of dishes for dad to try when you bring him here this year.

For sides, our Kow Neow and Nasi Putih rice dishes are the perfect addition to whatever choices you make from the rest of our menu, as are our pots of Kimchi, chilli crackers, and Pad Mee beansprouts.

Last but not least, our drinks menu consists of a wide range of both red and white wines, all of which come by the glass or bottle, and include Rioja Crianza, Malbec, and Shiraz.

If you’re really pushing the boat out, there’s even several champagnes for you to choose from, as well as a wide range of whiskeys, Bellinis, and other spirits.

If beer is dad’s go to, however, then don’t worry, we’ve also got plenty to choose from when it comes to draught and bottled lager, including Tiger, Heineken, Singha, or Ashai.


What’s Stopping You…?

There’s not long to go before tables start filling up, with reservations for vegan restaurants in Liverpool already starting to disappear.

If you’re looking to treat Dad to something special this year, why wait? Contact us today to book a table.