As a top Asian Restaurant in Liverpool, Tiger Rock are careful to make sure our award-winning cuisine is available to everyone, no matter what their dietary requirements are.

With a menu full of vegetarian and vegan alternatives to many of our dishes, we’ve been sure to include gluten free hawker food is on the menu too.

At Tiger Rock, we pride ourselves on having not just one or two gluten free options, but over twenty across our small plates, bowls, greens and sides.

If you’re looking for a gluten free restaurant in Liverpool, look no further: here’s what’s in store for you at Tiger Rock.



Gluten Free Small Plates

Whether you’re gluten intolerant or exploring the health benefits of a gluten free diet, discovering new dishes is always a treat.

Our small plate menu consists of classic hawker food, with chicken and steak satay skewers being a must for non-vegetarian guests.

For pescatarians, our crispy squid, steamed hake, fish cake and crab dishes are all available in gluten free form, with still more options for you to explore.

Check out our menu to discover the rest.



Gluten Free Small Bowls and Greens

If you’re looking for more after you’ve tried our small plates, the small bowls and greens menu gives you plenty to choose from.

Our Nasi Gorang dish is a popular Malaysian hawker food which, despite being traditionally non-vegetarian, is available as both a vegan and gluten free option.

As well as this, our green curry, beef curry (Rendang Kentang), and pad thai are classic dishes that can likewise be served in this way.

Not only that, but most of our salads and greens are suitably available for gluten free customers and vegans, with classic hawker food flavours for you to enjoy regardless of your dietary needs.

Leafy salads such as Rojak Kacang, steamed Bak Choi or our Yam Neur duck salad are light, healthy dishes you can choose to be served gluten free, with further options to explore once you’re here.

Contact us today to book a table, or order from our takeaway menu.


Sides and Deserts

Last but not least, Tiger Rock have gone so far as to make sure every part of our menu is accessible for gluten free customers.

Our Kow Neow rice goes great with salads, as does our Nasi Putih rice and Kimchi – the perfect addition to many of the options above.

From our dessert menu, our sticky rice pudding and apple spring rolls come with a gluten free option, meaning from start to finish there’s something for you.

And So Much More…

At Tiger Rock, we pride ourselves on our inclusive menu, celebrating our business as a viable option when customers are looking for a gluten free restaurant in Liverpool.

The dishes above by no means cover what we have to offer those who have chosen or require gluten free food.

To truly explore what’s on offer, you can contact our award-winning restaurant today to find out more.