For the second year in a row, Tiger Rock have been awarded Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award, making us a go-to for anyone wanting the best when it comes to Vietnamese Cuisine.

As far as Liverpool restaurants go, our name is beginning to become synonymous with high-quality service, memorable dishes, and authenticity, bringing you the best flavours and aromas from Southeast Asia.

Whether you’ve visited us, heard of us, or are ready to discover your new favourite restaurant, this blog will guide you through our best Vietnamese dishes.

Read on to see what’s on offer.


The Agony of Choice

Before we get into the specifics, the first thing you need to know about our award-winning cuisine is the scope of our menu.

At Tiger Rock, we offer our customers a mix of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other East Asian cuisine.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing from the small plates alone, and that’s without looking at the small bowls and sides, as well as our salads and greens.

With so much choice, each visit to Tiger Rock can almost feel like a new experience, as you could easily choose a different combination of small bowls and plates each time.

Despite each of the above cuisines being worthy of your attention, our Vietnamese dishes are often recognised as being particularly special.

Here’s a few of the best.


Goi Cuon

A staple of Vietnamese cuisine, Goi Cuon are part of our small plates’ menu, consisting of rolls of rice paper packed with fresh salad and prawns.

Despite being fresh, light, and consisting of simple ingredients, don’t let yourself be fooled: this dish is incredibly tasty and filling, and certainly worth a try when you next visit one of our restaurants.

As well as coming with their traditional prawn and salad filling, there is also a vegan option that allows you to swap the prawns for tofu.


Cha Gio

Simple again, perhaps, but simplicity is at the heart of all the best Vietnamese dishes, with Cha Gio being no exception.

Similar to spring rolls, Cha Gio are crispy, fried rice paper packed with traditional minced pork and other delicious ingredients.

Another staple of Vietnamese cuisine, they often come served with lettuce leaves you can wrap them in, along with a traditional dipping sauce.


Tofu Sumbat

Last, but not even close to being least, our final recommendation is Tofu Sumbat, an exceptional dish consisting of a variety of ingredients.

Coming with a gluten free option, this vegan dish consists of tofu stuffed with cucumber, beansprout, and leek, as well as chilli tamarind sauce.

A Vietnamese classic, be sure to add this option from our salads and greens menu to your order: you simply won’t be disappointed.

Malaysian & vegan tofu sumbat

Come and See Us

These are just some of the dishes on offer, and that’s without covering our range of Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, and other Asian cuisines.

If you’re looking for the best Vietnamese food in Liverpool, why not get in touch and book a table?