Asian street food seems to have a struck a gastronomic chord with food lovers of all types in recent years, with restaurants, stalls, and takeaways popping up in more and more places across the UK.

Whilst food from this region has always had a special place in public consciousness, there’s no denying its gradual rise in popularity, with a more diverse range of regional dishes emerging during this time.

Its rise in popularity has largely been down to its health benefits, access to more authentic versions of popular dishes, and simply to tasting so good.

Read on to find out more about what’s behind this growing trend.


A Healthier Option…

The health benefits of Asian street food are many, giving people the option to treat themselves without the guilt that often comes with ordering a takeaway or eating out in a restaurant.

Due to commonly using ingredients such as ginger, garlic, fish, and vegetables, regularly eating dishes from this region offer consumers an increased fibre intake, lower chances of cholesterol, and increased heart health.

Whilst dishes such as Thailand’s signature Tom Yum soup can improve blood circulation, aid digestion, and enhance the body’s immune defences, Vietnam’s Goi Cuon is well known for its use of fresh ingredients and low-calorie count.

Originating from the Philippines, Pakbet is high in fibre and nutrients, as is Singaporean Yong Tau Foo, which also has roots in Malaysia.

Whatever dish you order, the good news is that it’s bound to be healthy, so why not explore a little further and book a table here at Tiger Rock, Liverpool’s award-winning Asian street food restaurant.


More Authentic Cuisine…

One of the most unique things about Asian street food is that restaurants that serve food from that region are mostly independent, rather than belonging to a chain.

Because of this, customers are aware that what they are eating is authentic to the region, a trope that is increasingly valued in a market that largely offers a Western take on cuisines from other regions.

Whether it’s Malaysian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, or Thai, it’s likely that dishes like those listed above arrive on your plate with a true connection to the traditions that begot them, which is also why they taste so great.


Why does it taste so good?

As well as being healthy, the combination of ingredients used in Asian Cuisine are what make it so special, and it is often unmistakable when it passes through your senses.

As well as the common use of garlic, ginger, and vegetables such as bok choi and daikon radishes, there is often a heavy emphasis on ingredients such as fish sauce, limes, and a variety of herbs such as kaffir leaves, lemon grass, and Thai basil.

Combinations of the above bring foods from this region to life, with each country having its own distinctive way of using them. Despite using similar ingredients, the region’s cuisine is the essence of diversity, which is another reason why it has become and will continue to be so popular.


Experience it for Yourself…

Ever-growing in popularity, Tiger Rock offers customers a taste of every country in the region, including Thai, Vietnamese, and Singaporean cuisine.

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