If you’re looking for Singaporean food in Liverpool, Tiger Rock offers a range of dishes that give you a taste of what this dynamic culinary nation has to offer.

It is one of the most populated countries in South-east Asia, with a complex history that has allowed its cuisine to evolve.

This is largely due to a high percentage of internationals living there from all over the west, meaning traditional Singaporean ingredients have fused with a variety of influences.

Read on to find more about why Singaporean food is so special.


A world of influences…

Singaporean food is often considered a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian influences. This means that the range of herbs and spices used in the dishes is broad, from Kampot pepper to fennel and coriander seeds.

Dark soy sauce, lemongrass, and coconut cream are also popular ingredients, and are more indicative of the nation’s culinary relationship to the wider Southeast Asian region.

A large part of the country’s food culture revolves around hawker centres, which date back to the middle of the nineteenth century and consist of vendors setting up stalls in the middle of bustling areas to serve fast, cheap meals.

As an international port, many other influences have poured into Singapore, resulting in famous hawker dishes that include kaya toast, fish head curry, and chilli crab.

chinese chilli soft shelled crab


What we serve at Tiger Rock…

As purveyors of Asian food in Liverpool, Tiger Rock offers a range of Singaporean dishes that give you a flavour of the region.

One of these dishes is Laksa Mee, a coconut curry soup that contains chicken, noodles and fish sauce.

There is also Nasi Goreng, a popular dish that consists of prawn crackers, fried egg, and chicken fried rice. This comes in both gluten free and vegan form, meaning it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their dietary requirements.

Finally, there is Goreng Pisang, a snack consisting of fried bananas served in flour that are often served as a side dish.

If dishes such as these sound like something you’d like to try, why not book a table with us today?


What makes it different…?

Despite the range of hawker foods served at Tiger Rock, from  Vietnamese through to Chinese and Thai, our Singaporean dishes are unique, bursting with aromas and flavours that evoke the diversity of its culinary history.

Whether you’re looking to experience something new or find an old favourite from the region, there’s plenty of dishes to try that can help you do so.