Vietnamese food is unlike any other in Southeast Asia and here at Tiger Rock we pride ourselves in being the best Vietnamese restaurant Liverpool.

Vietnamese cooking is all about the yin and yang, creating the perfect balance of opposites that all come together in order to create the ultimate taste sensation.

Fresh and invigorating, sweet as well as sour – if you’ve tried food from several different Asian countries, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like Vietnamese cuisine.

So what are the elements that make the dishes of this vibrant country unique?



Unlike many other Southeast Asian dishes, which can be rich, heavy and oily – Vietnamese food is famed for being fresh and light.

That’s because it’s cooked with minimal use of oil and dairy and relies more on the light, fresh flavours of herbs and vegetables – meaning Vietnamese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world.

If that wasn’t enough, a number of distinctive and aromatic herbs are used to add a flavour all of its very own including; mint, cilantro, basil, lime leaf, lemongrass, green onion, perilla leaf, turmeric, ginger, Saigon cinnamon and tamarind pulp.



Other dishes in Southeast Asia, such as Vindaloo or Tom Yum that are renowned for being hot, Vietnamese cuisine is not so harsh on the taste buds.

That’s because Vietnamese dishes  combine all of the five taste elements of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy to create a more balanced, aromatic and subtle dish which, while remaining spicy, aren’t usually overly hot.

It’s all about a perfect equilibrium between the different elements within each dish, for example; duck meat is considered cool so it should be served in the summer, while chicken is a warm food and is usually served in winter with a sour sauce.



Much of the Vietnamese food that we enjoy today has been heavily influenced by French colonialism in Indochina, with many of the food habits having stayed within Vietnamese culinary culture ever since.

The French brought many ingredients and flavours to the region, including the baguette, which the Vietnamese adapted and today create their own versions using rice flour.

The perfect banh mi baguette is soft and airy on the inside and crusty on the outside, is smeared with pate and loaded up with fresh cucumber, meat, fried egg and other vegetables – providing the ultimate snack or more substantial evening meal.



A warm welcome awaits you at Tiger Rock where you can sample our Vietnamese dishes and we’re sure that the aromatic flavours and perfectly balanced blends, not to mention our friendly and vibrant atmosphere, will provide you with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Our Vietnamese dishes are always a firm favourite and not only come highly recommended by ourselves, but also our customers, who return time-and-time-again to savour the best Vietnamese food in Liverpool.

Why not try our Goi Cuon, which is a home-bred concoction of fresh rice paper summer rolls that contain both prawns and salad?

Or perhaps the Cha Gio, which consists of traditional crispy minced pork-flavoured spring rolls.

Then there’s our delicious Tofu Sumbat, which is a stuffed tofu that comes with a cucumber, a beansprout, leek and also chili tamarind sauce.



Tiger Rock on North John Street is just around the corner from the Liverpool One shopping district and within walking distance of all the city’s many tourist attractions – including the world famous Mathew Street and Royal Albert Dock.

For those living a little further out, we have our establishment on Smithdown Road, which is perfect for the large student population in that part of the city.



One of the most popular Vietnamese takeaway services in Liverpool, we try our best to recreate the feel and flavours of our exciting city centre eateries in your own home.

We are also very active on our numerous social media channels, allowing you to keep in touch via the likes of Instagram and Facebook to hear about special offers and new menu additions.

So check out our full range of Vietnamese cuisines here at Tiger Rock Liverpool by visiting our website or call 0151 363 6650 to order a takeaway from either Smithdown Road or North John St.