If you’re looking for tastiest Thai restaurant food in Liverpool and you haven’t yet been to Tiger Rock, our award-winning restaurants are simply too good to overlook.

Whether you visit us on North John Street in the heart of the city or within the buzz of the student population on Smithdown Road, our restaurants offer a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy some of the best Thai food Liverpool has to offer.

If you haven’t yet heard of us or are planning a visit soon, this blog will introduce you to some of our must-try dishes: read on to see what Tiger Rock have got in store for you.


A Short Introduction to Thai Food…

For those who are familiar with it, Thai food often conjures up the tastes and aromas of certain ingredients, particularly fresh lime, chillies, galangal, lemongrass and coconut milk.

Ingredients such as these are at the heart of Thai cuisine, as are a plethora of herbs, spices, and seafood, a cultural trait that is interwoven with the country’s history.

Originally, Thai dishes had a lot in common with those from the Szechuan region of China, but soon developed their own unique character by using ingredients introduced to the country by neighbouring India.

This, combined with chillies brought to the region by the Portuguese, helped in the creation of the popular Thai dishes we know and love today, with a distinct regional variation also developing around this time, a feature put down to the country’s agricultural diversity.



The Dishes…

At Tiger Rock, we pride ourselves on bringing authentic Thai food to Liverpool, providing our customers with the opportunity to experience the best of what this region’s rich cultural history has to offer.

Amongst our dishes is, of course, Pad Thai, a popular street food that consists of stir-fried noodles with chicken. As is commonplace in our restaurants, this dish can also be served as a vegan option, as well as being available for those with gluten-free dietary requirements.

Som Tam is also available, a papaya salad with carrots that is served with peanuts, chillies and fish sauce on the side.

As well as this, our Geng Know Wan Gai is often best recognised as a classic Thai Green Curry, a dish consisting of either chicken or vegetables cooked in a paste comprised of green chillies, shallots, garlic, galangal, lemongrass and more.



Last on our list (but by no means the last of what our restaurants have to offer) is Yam Neur, a Thai steak salad that consists of fish sauce, chillies, mint and cucumber, a blend of ingredients that pay homage to the wide variety of flavours that are synonymous with authentic Thai cuisine.


So Much More…

This is just a sample of what’s on offer if you’re looking for a Thai restaurant in Liverpool, with many more dishes exclusive to the region available for you to try.

Our award-winning restaurant also offers some of the best and most popular dishes native to the region of South-east Asia.

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