Veganuary might be over, but that doesn’t mean that exceptional vegan food is off the menu, not least here at Tiger Rock, whose vegan Thai dishes alone are worth carrying on the vegan diet for.

Whether you tried Veganuary for the first time this year or regularly commit to this annual ritual, continuing to be vegan into February and beyond has plenty of benefits.

If you’re interested in finding the best vegan Thai food restaurant in Liverpool, then look no further: here’s everything Tiger Rock have got in store for you.


Vegan Small Plates

Whilst duck spring rolls (aka Po Pia Bhet) are a classic Southeast Asian dish, their vegan counterparts are by no means any less authentic than the original and continue to be a popular choice amongst visitors to our restaurant.

Nasi Lemak, a dish originally consisting of coconut rice, crispy anchovies, boiled egg, and roasted peanuts, is likewise available as a vegan option, and loses none of its amazing taste when replaced with vegan friendly ingredients.

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Vegan Small Bowls and Sides

Tiger Rock wouldn’t be the best vegan restaurant in Liverpool if it didn’t boast an exquisite selection of small bowls and sides, many of which have been re-imagined to suit the vegan palate.

As well as the well-loved classic Pad Thai, our popular Nasi Goreng dish – chicken fried rice with fried egg and prawn crackers – is also available as a vegan option, alongside the favoured side dish Kelapa Kentangmanis, featuring a roasted sweet potato with coconut flakes.


Salads and Greens

Some of the best vegan Thai food inevitably comes in the form of salads and greens, and this is no exception when dining at Tiger Rock.

Choosing a zesty Yam Mamuang salad with shoestring mango and peppers is a good place to start, as it features some of the best flavours Southeast Asian cuisine has to offer.

Rojak Kacang, a dish featuring a boiled egg salad with peanuts and cashew nuts, is not only similarly popular, but also as delicious as its vegetarian counterpart when it comes in vegan form.

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Something for Everyone…

Prizing ourselves as a top vegan restaurant in Liverpool doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty on offer for those with other dietary needs, such as being gluten-intolerant.

Much like the wealth of vegan options available, there’s plenty for everyone across our entire menu, not forgetting our drinks and deserts.

If you’re new to the world of veganism, extending Veganuary, or continuing to commit to a lifestyle that is growing in popularity, is a great place for you visit.

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