Superstition is a massive part of Chinese culture even when it comes to food, and this Chinese New Year is no exception.

Tradition dictates that a big meal is enjoyed by friends and family the night before the calendar changes over and we officially hit Spring Festival mode.

And it’s not just about revisiting old favourites or unique dishes – these foods are packed with symbolism that create a harbinger of glad tidings and good fortune.

So here are just some traditional Chinese New Year foods which might just bring you luck as we enter 2022 and the year of the TIGER!




Resembling bars of gold, spring rolls are said to bring wealth and good fortune. They can be filled with various fillings, including pork, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, cabbage and assorted other veggies and make the perfect starter for your Chinese New Year feast



Changshou Mian, which means “long-life noodles,” are up to two feet long and according to Chinese tradition, the longer the noodle, the luckier you’ll be. Just be careful not to accidentally break one while you’re cooking—that’s bad luck because it represents a life cut short!



According to Chinese legend, the number of dumplings you eat during the Chinese New Year predicts the amount of money you’ll make in the upcoming year – the more, the better and while pork is the most common dumpling filling, they can also contain shrimp, chicken or vegetables.



Known as dayu darou or “big fish” this is a dish that signifies abundance and family unity. The fish is often steamed and served with a simple sauce on the side, such as soy sauce or sweet-and-sour sauce.



Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture, and eating desserts on this holiday represents sweetness for the year ahead. This traditional dish is made with sticky rice and adorned with eight “treasures” which are a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits and raisins.





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