Tiger Rock Liverpool aim to deliver as many exotic, international and cultural dishes as possible to cater to our local customers and also those who travel in from other places to sample our first-class food. As such, we strive to cover as many options as we can when it comes to first-class Chinese food, including those which have gained popularity in other continents and are rarely found in the UK.


Laotian foods are distinct dishes which come from the cuisine of Laos, which lies within Southeast Asia, but with these meals standing out from other food options found in that corner of the globe. It is the increased colour, the vibrancy, the community feeling of sharing these foods with other friends and family, as well as the simply unique texture and flavour that comes from combining the various ingredients to form succulent meals that can only be sampled in Laos, and now here at Tiger Rock!

Indeed, Tiger Rock Liverpool are bringing the Laotian cuisine and culture to the diverse and multicultural city that is Liverpool. With so many students and residents that have come from abroad, we not only wish to cater to their original home-grown dishes, but we also look to educate them on what other fantastic foods can be found across the globe. Laotian food is an ideal example, for it leaves a lasting impact and has our customers always wanting more, hence our growing menu of options.


These dishes include Steamed Sticky Rice, which is the go-to Laotian option. Anyone who truly wishes to sample the cuisine that makes Laos stand out on the worldwide menu simply has to try some Steamed Sticky Rice, which is deemed to be the embodiment of Laotian food, and is eaten by hand and often in groups via sharing. It is the first Laotian dish that those familiar with the culture wish to enjoy, which is why we are more than happy to offer it to our Liverpool customers here at Tiger Rock via our Zongzi bamboo leaf chicken sticky rice dumpling option from our list of light lunches.

There are other excellent Laotian food dishes for you to enjoy from our menus. They include Pad Thai, which is a stir-fried rice with chicken noodles that brings together a wide range of additional sides to form one truly exquisite final output; Paeng Pet, which is a mix of raw blood and cooked mince ingredients and organs that combine to deliver a striking taste unlike any other; and also one of our dessert options which ties in with our primary example, that being the Mango Sticky Rice Pudding, which ultimately allows customers interested in Laotian culture to have an authentic starter, main course and pudding all as part of one meal!

When it comes to Laotian food in Liverpool, Tiger Rock are setting the standard, and we are always increasing the variety of dishes that you can enjoy at either our Smithdown Road or North John Street branches. Whether you have sampled Laotian dishes in the past and want to enjoy more, or if you want to explore this exciting range from one of the more culturally-significant areas of the Asian continent, Tiger Rock have you covered and will have you wanting to come back for more again and again.

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