Tiger Rock Liverpool delivers all of the signature foods that you would expect from the finest East Asian cuisines. Amongst these is rice, a true staple of the Asian food world, and it is something that we have high availability of in our locations. But why are the vast majority of Asian dishes built primarily around rice? Let’s take a closer look.


Importance Of Rice

Rice has been vitally important to Asian dishes for the longest time. Indeed, it has been estimated that roughly 67% of the world (or 2/3) not only use rice, but that they require it as part of their daily lives. They contain elements that make a major impact, not only in terms of food products but also beyond that. Given the large percentage of people who live in the Asian continent, and the heavy reliance on rice, it stands to reason that it would consequently form the basis for so many Asian dishes, said to be in the thousands.


Dishes which focus on rice

Given that there are so many to choose from, there are tons of dishes that we could list here, and as you may imagine, different locations specialise in delivering different variations of Asian food. Amongst those, Malaysia is a key area, with a vast array of first-class Asian dishes that have proven popular in the country. These include mee goreng mamak, apam balik, nasi kerabu, nasi lemak and rendang, all of which are highly sought-after Malaysian takes on the classic Asian dishes that focus primarily on rice.


* Pictures of food served with Rice at Tiger Rock Liverpool


Different countries who use rice

Malaysia is a key market for rice, but it is far from the only one. Singapore has plenty of choice, amongst them bak kuh teh and wanton mee. Thailand has its fair share, and these include tom yum goong, som tum and gaeng daeng. Meanwhile, China boasts such dishes as basic cooked rice, chicken fried rice and yangchow fried rice. And in Laos, khao niaw is one of the true signature rice foods. As you can see, there are an endless amount of rice dishes from the Asian continent, and they all deliver a superb and unique eating experience.



* Pictures of food served with Rice at Tiger Rock Liverpool

Of course, we provide the very best of these Asian rice dishes here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, and you can find out more when you visit our two restaurants in Liverpool (North John St – City Centre and Smith Down Road).

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