Here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, we always pride ourselves on delivering the very best East Asian food, and there are particular traits and elements that truly make these cuisines a must-have. These spices and seasonings make all the difference in terms of delivering the desired taste, and this is what we will be focusing on today.


Savoury Seasonings

We begin with savoury, and this is all about the flavour of the food itself. Other spices and seasonings like coconut oil add something to the general taste, but in the case of savoury, this element greatly emphasises the texture of a particular cuisine. Indeed, it focuses on raw materials, ensuring that you can taste the main ingredients in a pure form rather than them being overshadowed by added spices or seasonings. If you are look for a cuisine where you can taste the food for what it is, savoury is the best option.


Sweet And Sour Seasonings

Let’s now look at how a small addition can make a big difference, that being when a cuisine is either sweet or sour. The inclusion of these seasonings are designed to relieve any tension while eating, with tissue being built and cleansed through the sampling of any cuisines that happen to be sweet or sour. They provide a real contrast to savoury, where you can precisely taste the ingredients; in this case, they can override the food itself.




And then we look at when the foods are particularly spicy and bitter. Spicy foods add colour, and they add an extra element of taste; they take the already-delicious cuisine and ramp things up to a higher level, so that you truly feel and experience what the food has to offer at the maximum level. Meanwhile, bitter foods tend to focus more on providing health benefits; their taste is not always popular with avid eaters, but they do deliver on enhancing how you feel beyond eating the food itself, especially if you eat them on a regular basis.

On the whole, though, these are the main spices and seasonings that come together to provide the East Asian cuisines that we know and love, and you can sample them all here at Tiger Rock Liverpool. To sample some of this beautiful flavours in our delicious East Asian Cuisines & Foods, please visit us for lunch or book a table for your evening meal using this number: 0151 236 7655