If you are looking to enjoy a delicious light summer lunch within Liverpool, you will not find a better location than here at Tiger Rock. We have a whole host of great options to fill you up and leave a great taste in your mouth during your lunch break, and we have highlighted a couple of the very best in today’s article.


Gu Lou Kai Yik

Sweet and sour chicken wings - Chinese dish


We begin with Gu Lou Kai Yik. This consists of sweet and sour chicken wings, and it has proven to be a real hit, serving as one of the more popular lunch offerings that we have for our customers. It’s a more simplified dish, but if you’re looking for something more, then we recommend Zongzi. This is a bamboo leaf chicken sticky rice dumpling, and amongst its ingredients and toppings are Chinese mushroom, dried shrimp and also black eyed peas, making it a stacked overall package for anyone looking for a superb lunch meal.


Gluten Free Dishes

Steamed Bak Choi - Chinese dish


Perhaps you are coming along to Tiger Rock in the hope of finding a first-class gluten-free dish. If that’s the case, then we must give a mention to Zheng Yu, a succulent steamed seabass fillet offering that comes complete with ginger and spring onion. It’s not our only health-focused option by any means, though, and we want to make a special note about Bak Choi. Not only is this gluten-free, but it is also a Vegan meal, and as the name would suggest, it consists of steamed bak choi that comes with both garlic and minced dried shrimps. These are just some of the multitude of excellent light summer lunches that you will find here.


Lunch Deals

Som tam - pasta and carrot salad - Thai dish


But it isn’t just the menus themselves that should catch your eye; we also have an exclusive offer that is well worth your consideration. We know that you are likely to bring along a friend, a relative or a work colleague when popping by for lunch, which is why we have our Lunch Special discount between 12pm and 5pm every single day. You can buy two lunches for £10, or alternatively you can buy three lunches for £15. This means low-cost for high-quality food, and only emphasises why we are the go-to place in Liverpool for the very best lunches this summer.


You can find all our outstanding light summer lunches available on our menu www.tigerrockliverpool.uk.
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