Many times, our customers will pop into our Tiger Rock branches just for a quick bite to eat during their lunch breaks. As such, they are looking for something that pleases their taste buds while also having a positive impact on their diets and being energising enough to prepare them for the rest of the day. We have plenty of Southeast Asian dishes that are both appetising and healthy, and we have highlighted a few of them here.




First of all, there is our Zongzi meal. This consists of a bamboo leaf chicken sticky rice dumpling, and the dish comes with such ingredients as Chinese mushroom, dried shrimp and black eyed peas. All of its elements comprise the high-quality output, and each of them not only adds their own sweetness to the dish, but they also bring a different health benefit that makes this quite the overall package. If you’re dropping by and need something that is quick and nutritious, Zongzi would make for an excellent choice.


Nasi Rendang

Secondly, we have to mention our serving of Nasi Rendang. This is a gluten-free dish that has proven very popular, and still does, with our customers. At its core, this meal is a slowly-cooked Malaysian beef curry that comes alongside rice, making it a simplified yet very delicious treat that also aims to boost your health and diet. Indeed, this manages to cover all of the bases, and it is also a great way to enjoy a continental lunch while still managing to reap the internal benefits beyond completion of the meal.


Bak Choi



We will round things off by focusing on Bak Choi. This is one of our more unique lunch dishes, not least because it too is a gluten-free offering, but one that would also be suitable for vegan customers to sample. It is a steamed bak choi offering that comes equipped with garlic and minced dried shrimps, and as noted, it is suitable for anyone who has a particular health requirement for their diet, while still remaining exceptional to taste. If you want a quick bite that boosts how you feel as well as offering a splendid flavour, few options are better than Bak Choi.


These provide a mere snapshot of our outstanding range of Southeast Asian lunch dishes here at Tiger Rock Liverpool. Check out our full range of Southeast Asian cuisines here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, and you can find out more when you visit our two restaurants in Liverpool (North John St – City Centre and Smith Down Road).

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