Liverpool has always been a diverse and multicultural city, serving residents whose origins stretch across the entire globe. And this has also reflected upon locals who have always been based in Liverpool and who may wish to adopt aspects of the lifestyles brought here by internationals. This includes food, and enjoying the same exotic dishes that arrivals from all sides of the world. Amongst those are offerings from Southeast Asia, and so here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, we are proud to provide the very best Southeast Asian street food for you to enjoy, as we will now explain. This article is a continuation of our last blog post which might be of interest to you…the best cuisines from southeast asia

What To Expect From Us



First of all, we have a whole host of excellent dishes that cover just about anything and everything you would want to sample from Southeast Asia. This includes light lunch offerings, more fulfilling main menu courses, a plethora of regionally-focused beverages and also smaller samples for the younger customers. There is plenty of variety to be found, and it includes ingredients and cooking styles that will make you feel like you are within Southeast Asia yourself, sitting back enjoying a splendid meal and a refreshing drink. So, the food and drink offerings themselves are of the highest possible standard, and they provide an excellent snapshot of the regional menus back in the Southeast Asian continent.


Where To Find Us


Next, we have two main locations to suit wherever you are based. If you are hanging out with friends in the city centre and looking to enjoy an extensive meal or a few rounds of drinks to complete a great night on the town, we have our site at North John Street, just around the corner from the Liverpool One shopping district. And for those living a little further out, we have our establishment on Smithdown Road, which is particularly handy for the large student populations in that area of the city.


We Deliver Too


We are continuously updating our menus and expanding our business, so there will always be something fresh to enjoy when you drop by Tiger Rock. We are also very active on our numerous social media channels, allowing you to keep in touch via the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to hear about special offers and new menu additions. And on top of all that, if you’re at home and can’t make it to our multiple locations, we have a delivery service that will bring these outstanding dishes right to your front door. A combination of superb food and drink varieties, several options for visiting our branches or us passing by the meals to you, and our ongoing expansion that promises an even brighter future all ensures that Tiger Rock are the best of the best if you want to enjoy top-of-the-range Southeast Asian street food within Liverpool.

Book a table for a family or corporate working lunch meal using this number: 0151 236 7655 or book a table online for our Smithdown Road Restaurant or Liverpool City Centre Restaurant.