Here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, we have got a whole host of unique foods from across the continent and beyond. In particular, we specialise in offering the finest dishes from the Southeast of Asia, and as part of this, we provide cuisines that are of the highest quality, and cuisines that you will not find anywhere else in Liverpool. In this article, we will be spotlighting some of the very best Southeast Asian cuisines that are on our menus.


Nasi Lemak

Malaysian nasi lemak


To begin with, we have Nasi Lemak. This is a Malaysian cuisine included amongst our small plate offerings, and it brings together several tasty treats into one serving, amongst them a boiled egg, a cucumber, crispy anchovies, roasted peanuts, lamb curry and sambal sauce. It comes in the form of coconut rice, and it is wrapped in a banana leaf to add that extra international flavour to a cuisine that packs a lot of ingredients into a small package. If you wish to sample a Southeast Asian cuisine, Nasi Lemak is a great starting point.


Hor Mok Pla

Next up, we have got the option of Hor Mok Pla. This cuisine has its roots in Cambodia, and it essentially consists of a curry dish steamed in banana leaves, not too dissimilar to our first example. In the specific plate that we offer, our gluten-free serving of Hor Mok Pla comes as a steamed hake with chilli, lime juice and ginger coming on the side. Again, it is a perfect example of the cultural, traditional cuisines that are so popular on the Asian continent, and we’re very happy to provide them for our customers here at Tiger Rock.


Char Sui Fan


Lastly, we have to mention Char Sui Fan. Originating from China, this is a highly-regarded and specifically-cooked Cantonese cuisine that really hits the spot and differs greatly from many other cuisines that you would find. Our particular serving of Char Sui Fan is true to its origins, coming in the form of Chinese barbecue honey pork alongside bak choi and rice. When you are enjoying our Southeast Asian cuisines, ideally you want to feel like you are right there in the home countries that these foods were first concocted, and this is a feeling that you will definitely experience when enjoying Char Sui Fan.


Check out our full range of Southeast Asian cuisines here at Tiger Rock Liverpool, and you can find out more when you visit our two restaurants in Liverpool (North John St – City Centre and Smith Down Road).

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